Your Comfort

Feeling a little anxious - or maybe even a little guilty - about your dental care? Relax, you've come to the right place.

Here, you'll discover a comfortable, reassuring environment where you can relax in a cozy sofa while enjoying the soothing sounds of southeast Asian music amidst the unique allure of orchids and other tropical plants.

You can also take comfort in the fact that you'll know exactly what to expect before and during your treatment because Dr. Best takes the time to explain your procedure step-by-step. So you'll experience no surprises, and a whole lot less anxiety.

Today's hi-tech diagnostic tools and instruments will help make your treatment experience faster, more effective and less intrusive. You can even enjoy a gentle back massage in our contoured dental chairs during the procedure.

And if you'd rather just tune out the whole experience, you can tune in to our high definition TVs to watch a program, select a DVD from our collection or bring your own personal favorite. We even put you in charge of the remote control.

There's no reason to avoid getting the dental care you need today, and once you've experienced the best care, there's no reason you won't be smiling tomorrow.

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Technological Advances

Dr. Best employs the most advanced dental technologies to ensure that your diagnosis and treatment will be as fast, efficient and comfortable as possible. By combining the best of modern technology with old-fashioned personal attention, she'll put you at ease, keep you informed and involved with your dental care and help you maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Digital Ragiography (X-Rays)

Computerized Digital Radiography is an excellent diagnostic tool that produces incredibly precise dental X-rays without the use of chemicals, and with 50-90 percent less radiation than conventional X-rays. A sensor captures an image of your teeth, which is displayed on a flat panel monitor where it can be rotated, magnified or made into a 3-dimensional image so that you and Dr. Best can view the image and discuss any pertinent findings together. Plus, your images are stored in the office computer database, providing greater efficiency and saving paper in the process.

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This fluorescent laser cavity detector can reveal decay beneath the surface of the tooth that would not otherwise be detected by conventional X-rays or visual examination. A small laser light is passed over the tooth as a numerical reading and audio tone measure the level of decay present. This quick and painless examination allows Dr. Best to determine which of your teeth need immediate attention and which should be monitored for further changes. With early detection your teeth can be treated promptly to avoid future, and more serious problems.

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Casey Educational System

The Casey Educational System lets you learn about the various dental procedures Dr. Best offers. These interactive videos will help you understand any treatment recommendations; learn about your specific condition, its causes, treatment options and post-operative instructions; and play a more active and informed role in your dental care.

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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures. By controlling the intensity and wavelength of the laser the dentist can accurately treat highly specific areas without damaging surrounding tissues.

Laser dentistry has many benefits - Procedures performed with a soft-tissue laser may not require sutures. Certain laser dentistry procedures are so precise that the surrounding tissue does not need anesthetics. Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding by aiding in the clotting of exposed blood vessels. Exposure to oral bacteria is minimal as the high-energy beam sterilizes the area being worked on. Due to the precision nature of laser dentistry procedures the damage to surrounding tissue is minimal and allows the wounded tissue to heal much more quickly.

Ask Dr. Best about the available soft-tissue laser dentistry options available today!

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Rotary Endodontics

Rotary instrumentation has made root canal therapy a considerably more pleasant and faster experience. This electric handpiece operates quietly, without the dreaded sound of a drill, and requires fewer X-rays because it accurately identifies the length of the canal. In addition, it thoroughly cleans and shapes root canals substantially better than traditional manual methods. Since adopting this technology, Dr. Best has noticed a remarkable decrease in postoperative complications and discomfort for her patients.

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Piezo Scaler

This ultrasonic instrument removes especially hard calculus (tartar) buildup and stubborn stains from the surfaces of your teeth and can also reduce the number of bacteria in the pockets that surround your teeth. It consists of a wand with a small scaling tip that produces soft ultrasonic vibrations in combination with a water spray for optimal dental cleaning. Many patients find this method more comfortable than the traditional hand scaling (scraping) techniques.

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Advanced Sterilization Techniques

Proper instrument sterilization is an integral part of every dental practice's daily protocol to remove, inactivate or destroy pathogens and eliminate any chance for cross contamination. This decontamination process always involves cleaning followed by disinfection and/or sterilization.

The Hydrum is like a dishwasher that automatically washes, rinses, disinfects and dries the dental instruments. It prepares the dental instruments for sterilization by physically removing infectious materials and the organic matter on which they thrive.

Sterilization is the complete destruction of all forms of microbial life, including spores, by using an Autoclave. In its most basic form the autoclave is a pressure cooker in which water is heated in a highly pressurized environment creating steam that destroys all pathogens and ensures your safety.

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